Saturday, November 27, 2010

Think Point - computer virus/spyware/malware

 I. What is it ?
A rogue spyware/ malware application which sliping inside of  your computer...
  ....and  the side effects of an Think Point infection is being blocked all Internet connections, Task Manager and slow all other Windows programs... pretty bad.

Once the infection infiltrates the marked PC it will start reporting on various fake threats. This is all done in an effort to scare and panic the consumer, and to convince the PC owner of Think Point’s legitimacy.

As a further attack, Think Point will inform the user the only way of getting rid of these purported infections is by purchasing “missing modules” not included in the Think Point Trial Version. Once Think Point makes a successful sale, the consumer is left with nothing but an empty shell of an application, devoid of any healing or diagnostic powers or capabilities. Of course the PC owner won’t know this, and will falsely believe his PC to be protected.

II. How...
How my computer got infected: 
I was download a small WinRAR archive and ... of course I open it ....
Next step was the notification "An unidentified program wants to access your computer"   --> "Agree". And Windows Vista restart.
How to remove it: 
First stop all Internet  connections.
I let the Think Point run at startup because I have no other option.
The Task Manager, Internet browser was blocked and I could not stop computer to run this ..malware.:(
After I tried to run unsuccessfully Microsoft Security Essential .. I go to Control Panel --> Restore Center --> RESTORE my system at earlier time possible ---> Restart. -->[this time Think Point  didn't run at startup :)lucky me!] RUN a full system scan with same Microsoft Security Essential  ---> [was about 6 infected file] CLEAN all.

Hope it will be usefull

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