Monday, November 16, 2009

chestii faine de la

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I am who I am because of everyone. At Orange, we believe you are the sum of your relationship, and we can do our bit to help you create relationships that matter. When you achieve something, something  valuable ,  more often than not it's with the help of others. People are better together and can do, enjoy and discover more, together.

=> 2 for 1 cinema tickets ..on Orange Wednesdays . That's tickets to any film, at cinemas nationwide
=> I am the control freak in the group, the one who counts baked beans. Orange Accounts
=> never miss a gig again. It can be really frustrating hearing about your favourite gigs, only to find they're sold out when you try to buy tickets. We'll tell you about your favourite music events at venues across the UK. Plus you'll be able to reserve tickets through your phone. No queues.
=> I am never out of touch, even I'm out of credit.
=> info made easy. Orange World mobile .
=> wish you were here ...:) hola ....calling home from aboard
=>I am the excited voice that tells me Jenny was landed. If you're having a snooze or sitting down for dinner, is not always possible get to the phone. But it's good to let people know you'll get back to them as soon as you can .
=> great home broadband.
=> I am mum telling me to look right, left and right again
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si ..The Christmas Calendar

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